Crescent Beach Reflections

poetry – paintings – passages

ISBN 978-1-988739-04-5
poetry – paintings – passages
92 pages
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Ben Nuttall-Smith demonstrates the simple truths of poetic observation and the pass of time. Working with traditional form in language that is by turn whimsical, reflective, tender, he charts the heartbeat of loved, familiar places, of eros, and of life’s everyday sacraments.”

– Trevor Carolan, Author, Poet, North Vancouver, BC Canada.

Nuttall-Smith’s ability to transpose his visions into poetry is breathtaking indeed and epitomizes the art of great writing. You will find yourself compelled to read his addictive masterpieces again and again.

– David J. Delaney Poet, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

These poems are mesmeric. Their mosaic images guide us through the spheres and atmospheres of the past and present. Serene and wild, historical and political, we roam their landscapes like Hardy, sail their oceans like Hemingway, talk people, politics, religion and poverty like Joyce and Yeats. This book thrills, enlightens, challenges perceptions and soars in the senses.

– Strider Marcus Jones – Poet, Hinkley, Liechestershire, England


Sample Audio Files

Wartime Crossing – British youngsters, March 1945


Crescent Beach Reflections – The title poem


My World – set to music