Creating Chapbooks

Chapbooks are a legitimate form of publication. Whether you intend to print and assemble your own chapbook or prepare a manuscript for a commercial printer, I invite you to learn from my own experience in producing eight different chapbooks – from the regular 8 ½” X 5 ½” B & W to the 10” X 8” glossy illustrated children’s book, to an affordable 5” X 4” coil-bound booklet to get the best deal from a printer company.

In this hands-on workshop you will discover how to plan your pages, format left facing and right facing pages and insert colour illustrations, photographs and promotional material. You will also discover how to obtain an ISBN number and sales barcode.

Learn how to produce an attractive booklet of your own poetry; “Grandma’s War”; “My Years With the R.C.A.F.”; “The Feeding and Training of a Husband”; “Adventures in Acryllics”; “Mexico on a Shoestring”; – that publication you’ve always dreaded as too momentous a task.

This workshop will provide you with a mock-up of your own chapbook, ready to go to work with computer, printer, paper-cutter and stapler.

From Memoir to Novel

In his workshop, the author will show you how you too can unravel and write your own childhood and adult memories in a manner that can be enjoyed by the general public.

This workshop will also help you get started with your own fiction or nonfiction novel, whether auto-biographical or semi-biographical – or a novel based on personal experience that leaves the author out of the picture.

Creating Poetry for Beginners and Established Poets

Explore ideas for creating poetry from people and places using memory and emotions. Discover metaphor and learn to discard the many unnecessary words that get in the way of good poetry.

Some Blue Pencil Testimonials

I was very glad I attended. The support given throughout the weekend was amazing. I appreciate Ben Nuttall-Smith taking the time and trouble to fine-tune my writing. His pencil moved skillfully through my manuscript adding clarity and removing “fatty” extra words. I know I will continue to benefit from his guidance and continue to benefit from the retreat for months (years) to come. As an example, today I submitted Something Good To Eat to a children’s publishing house
Leanne Dyck – Author of (the thriller)The Sweater Curse

I had a “blue pencil” session with Ben Nuttall-Smith on Friday. I have never received such a thorough and constructive piece of editing from anyone, though my work has been edited many times. I found it such a gratifying experience.
Amber Harvey writing-at-rivendell

How Ben Helped Me Tame a Monster A monster introduction, that is. I think I knew it was too long at over eight pages, but there was such Good Stuff in there. I had read it over and over but was convinced that every work needed to stay. Ben showed me how wrong I was, and how unwieldy, cumbersome, and downright boring such a long introduction would be. First of all, it did not serve the function of an introduction as it contained ‘story’ that belonged, well, in the story. Secondly, if anybody managed to read through to the end, they would be confused on just who the story was about. Ben helped me identify what needed to stay, and what needed to go to the word graveyard. My introduction is now down to a conservative 1 ½ pages, and I am delighted.
Thank you, Ben. Rosemary Rigsby

Ben Nuttall-Smith gave me more than just a gentle push in the right direction. I now have a completed manuscript, query letter, book description, polished biography, words of support and the encouragement to follow my dreams
Crystal Favel, the Digital Storyteller