A 2½ hour or 1½ hour Voice and Performance Skills Workshop
For Writers, Poets and Public Speakers

Engage a *Listening* Audience with Your Written Words

     You’ve done the research, written the book, created the poem and seen your masterpiece to press. As you look forward to multiple author readings and book promotions fear of public speaking can cause undue anxiety. Ben Nuttall-Smith will guide you through a voice and performance skills workshop to become a more dynamic and relaxed speaker.


Part One: (40 minutes)

Through a proven set of simple, enjoyable exercises, you’ll learn to relax, develop your voice and increase your power of projection.
This workshop will present the primary and most important lesson from a full series of exercises for helping you to become a more dynamic and relaxed speaker.
Posture and diaphragm control are the basic elements for projection. In this forty-minute session, you will learn the secret of relaxation and triple the power of your delivery.

This section includes a series of exercises in enunciation and clear speech.
You will also be given extensive handouts for further work at home.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of room temp water.

Part Two: The Spoken Word

Part Two will focus on how to read your written words in an engaging way to transform your poetry/book reading into an event (or poem) to be remembered. The workshop will present many different strategies and practical advice on: selecting the best poems/stories to read out loud, breaking through nerves/anxiety and knowing/targeting your audience,       there will be an opportunity for everyone to practice, and share their readings with the group.

About the presenter:

Ben Nuttall-Smith studied Theatre, Voice and Music at McGill University, Saint Michael’s Choir School in Toronto and at the University of Windsor. He has a degree in Education from McGill and a Master’s Degree in Theatre from Western Washington University. He has taught Theatre and Voice at all levels from primary school classes to senior secondary school and adults as well as directing numerous Theatrical and Musical productions.
Ben has worked as a radio announcer and has experience as an actor, performing numerous roles including Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady and Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof.

Ben has presented this workshop on the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia.